'Everyone wants progress they just don't want change'. Making or even imagining change can be difficult. For individuals, communities and organisations alike. People can't imagine things working any better or doing things differently. But isn't the status quo just normal? If you mess with it you’ll only make it worse. Is it like this for good reason or just because it is?

But can't we just try and make it better? We work with our clients and their stakeholders to think about current issues and opportunities to change. We've been a pioneer of using temporary change to engage the local community in co-design in different street contexts and settings to let people see how things could be. We develop approaches that then let people into the design development or planning  process.


We find that people quite like our ideas. We often find that the ideas we develop with our partners and clients are rewarded, either through funding applications, competitive bidding processes or of course awards.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a funding or bidding opportunity and find out how we could help.   


Positive change normally starts with a good plan. A good plan is based upon knowledge of the local area, of a problem that needs solving or just how things work at the moment. 

We work with our clients, stakeholders and the general public to develop transport strategies and plans that are robust and provide frameworks for the future development of local transport networks for walking and cycling, shared or combined mobility options. 


To make positive change to an existing place or product or to create something new you first need to understand the demand, issues, potential and impacts. This includes what has been done elsewhere   

We advise the people we work with on how to carry out data collection, surveys and understand public opinion. 


We think good design is about designing for what people want and need in places they live and work in and the ways they get around them. It's about inspiration, questioning and understanding. 

We take inspiration from the places we work and the ways people get around in the UK and elsewhere in the world.We sometimes find the solution to a problem already exists it might just need some tailoring to make it right for the place or company we're working with. It might even have already been invented and just forgotten about but there’s nothing wrong with emulating something you've seen elsewhere but doing it right!

We provide our clients learning and experience from the projects we have worked on and the great work of our peers. We provide design services from conceptual ideas for sustainable transport solutions to design drawings for public consultation and construction.

special projects

In the years’ we have been working in street design and transportation we have been involved in many special projects. We have worked in roles from concept planning to delivery of the UK's first large-scale cycle hire schemes, the first pay as you go cars and vans, radical area wide traffic proposals, people and traffic management plans for global sporting venues and events. We’re are always happy to discuss ideas and early concepts and of course how we may be able to help. 


To improve a street or area you first must understand the people who use it and what they want from it. Surveys and transport modelling can tell you how many vehicles you can fit down the road and how many more you might squeeze in but to truly know a street and how it can be made better you must know its residents, businesses and visitors views first.

Stronger street designs are created through design processes that engage local people and use their local knowledge to improve and refine concepts and ideas. 

We work with our clients to deliver project engagements that are open, inclusive and empower local people to take ownership of final schemes. 

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