who we are

We are an independent transport consultancy that specialises in working with people to make streets and places. We provide expertise and advice in transport planning, consultation and engagement, parking and traffic engineering sectors. 

Using our broad knowledge of street design and transportation we like to focus on making better places easier to get around for people to live, visit, work and learn there. We work collaboratively with the design teams of the projects we work on. 

Depending on the project the design team might include our clients, their staff, residents, businesses and their customers, developers, design advisors and politicians. We help everyone feel part of the design and development process as this approach leads to the best outcomes.

We like to work with local people to understand an area and for this knowledge to be used to create solutions tailored to the real needs of those who live there.

jon little

Jon is an award winning sustainable transport practioner and the founder of Bespoke Transport Consulting. He specialises in cycling, liveable streets, shared and combined mobility. Jon has worked on many high profile and award winning projects including the London Cycle Hire Scheme, the Lambeth Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme and Arsenal Football Clubs Emirate Stadium. 

More recently Jon worked with Waltham Forest to help them develop their bid for the £30 million Waltham Forest Mini-Holland programme and has produced design guides and the boroughs cycling strategy to support delivery of the programme.  

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