Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood 

The London Borough of Lambeth wanted to develop a Liveable Neighbourhood proposal for Brixton. The proposal needed to meet the requirements of Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhood funding opportunity and support contribute to, the aims and objectives of the borough’s new transport strategy.

The proposal also needed to provide solutions to existing local transport issues, and giving opportunities for people to help shape final proposals.   

working in partnership 

Working as lead consultant on behalf of Lambeth Council Bespoke produced the successful £9 million Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood proposal with support from regular collaborators PJA.

The plan included four main project areas with a set of proposals for each including:

  • Traffic management proposals
  • Modal filter/bus gate locations
  • Public realm opportunities
  • Walking & Cycling improvements
  • Complementary measures
  • Design development & community involvement process
  • Monitoring framework

The bid document was designed to outline the core proposals and a guide for project delivery whilst also being interesting, understandable and accessible to anyone. It included a series of targets and monitoring strategy for each project area. 

a winning bid 

The proposal was successful in securing £9 million of funding from the Mayor of London and contributions from the council. In the early stages of co-design with the community the Covid-19 pandemic meant   funding ceased and the project was on hold.  

a new start

The scheme concept was then used as a template for a series of experimental schemes. These were     introduced in response to the public health crisis and the need to provide more space for active travel and protect residential areas from anticipated increased motor traffic levels.

The schemes are now in the process of being made permanent through a process of co-design with the community.