Harrow Cycle Network 

Working with our friends at PJA we've developed a network of new cycle routes for Harrow. 

Woodbridge Mini-Holland

Working on behalf of Suffolk County Council and in partnership with WSP we developed a funded proposal for a 'Mini-Holland' in Woodbridge.  

Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood 

Working with Lambeth council and the residents of Brixton we developed the blueprint for Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood which has been introduced as a series of temporary, and now permanent, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Levenshulme Active Neighbourhood 

Working with the local community, Sustrans and Manchester City Council we developed proposals for the Levenshulme Active Neighbourhood. 

Cycle Parking

We've worked with clients and communities to develop all kinds of cycle parking solutions. 

Enjoy Waltham Forest 

Our founder Jon Little has played a key role in the Enjoy Waltham Forest (Mini-Holland) programme from the very beginning. 

Haringey Walking & Cycling Action Plan 

Working with Haringey Council, the local community and our friends at PJA and Transportation Solutions we produced the ambitious Walking & Cycling Action Plan for Haringey. 

Cycleway Signage & Wayfinding

We've developed wayfinding for cycle and walking routes in towns and cities throughout the UK.  

Design Standards 

We've developed design and engagement standards for local authorities, transport bodies and government departments.