it's in the things we make

Whilst we're well known for our strategic thinking and design concepts, we're also quite good at helping our clients and partners with getting schemes and projects on the ground, and initiatives up and running. This includes assisting with project management, community engagement, working with contractors on site, or with the local community during construction.

We’ve helped get some all kinds of schemes and initiatives underway including many that have been UK firsts. We future proof our plans and designs by using data and local insight to inform designs. We specify designs and material choices with environmental and financial sustainability in mind.

We help our local authority clients involve and enable their communities to realise the benefits of the projects and schemes we make. We have a reputation for delivering experimental projects that involve the community throughout the project process and beyond. Through enabling  involvement we drive real change in places and how people get around them.  

Our approach is bespoke for every place and project so we make a real impact. We know its providing the right things in the right places that makes a difference. This might be through enabling local businesses to make better delivery choices, developing a programme of complementary measures for active travel schemes or just introducing the local school to the local authority greenspace team.

making it happen

We also have a wealth of experience helping our clients with operational issues. From early procurement and market testing, to appointments of specialist services and infrastructure partners, and on to day to day construction of schemes and operations of active travel initiatives.

We have helped our clients and their communities with:

  • Procurement (infrastructure, maintenance, back office, services, partnerships)
  • Construction project management
  • Site planning and setting out
  • Traffic management &
  • Temporary streetspace design and kerbside management
  • Engagement through trial street design layouts
  • Community Activation & Involvement
  • Corridor & High Street schemes (stakeholder management and liaison)
  • Low emission logistics management and operation
  • Mobility hub design, procurement, and operation