you get what you design for 

We use the design process as an opportunity to educate, encourage and empower. We pride ourselves in developing design ideas using the most robust foundation of local insight coupled with specialist industry expertise.

We work with our clients and partners to ensure the projects we work on are delivered through open and honest design processes that enable involvement through effective engagement.

Engaging the community in the development of any new strategy or street design is vital to its success. The strongest schemes and initiatives are created when people who help shape initial ideas help develop and complete them.

The needs and expectations of residents and businesses are different and require different approaches to engagement, sometimes at different project stages. We help our clients consider these requirements and develop engagement techniques that provide the right opportunities for people to get involved in a project at the right time.

We have design expertise in:

  • Active travel routes and networks
  • High streets and town centres
  • Area wide traffic management (including low traffic neighbourhoods)
  • Parking and kerbside management
  • Combined and shared mobility
  • Wayfinding and signage

In addition to delivering design and engagement projects we have also produced guidance for other industry professionals to use. Examples include the Waltham Forest Mini Holland Design Guide, and the Cycle Parking at Stations design standards for the Bicycle Association.