Haringey Walking & Cycling Action Plan 

Working with Haringey Officers and consultants from PJA and Transportation Solutions we developed the Haringey Walking and Cycling Action Plan (WCAP) for the borough. 

The plan, which includes a borough wide plan for a range of scheme proposals and behaviour change initiatives including school streets, low traffic neighbourhood areas, active travel corridors, town centres and various complementary measures and behaviour change.

The aim was to develop a strategic document that enabled a step change in the standard and impact of active travel schemes whilst providing a framework for delivery that was ambitious and comprehensive but and realistic and deliverable.

developing the plan

The plan was developed using a combination of background data analysis including existing travel patterns, traffic data, collisions, development proposals, but also internal and external stakeholder engagement including officers, politicians, stakeholder groups. The outline plan was then presented to a series of stakeholder meetings and the draft refined based on feedback. This included outline strategic infrastructure proposals, complementary measures and a behaviour change programme were prepared which form the basis of the WCAP.

a pandemic and a pivot

During the development of the Action Plan the Covid-19 pandemic struck. This meant following a pause the 10-year plan was redesigned to address the short to medium term being in a state of flux and change, including a lack of identified funding.

The revised version of the plan included a revised series of temporary and short term proposals to address immediate requirements for space for people and more strategically to secure funding from TfL/DfT under the Streetspace for London programme.

community involvement 

Once agreed in draft form the plan was subject to a period of wider community engagement and involvement. This engagement was carried out by an engagement specialist, external to the project team to ensure a robust, honest, and open approach. Following this engagement the project team made updates and modifications to the draft to produce a final version for adoption.

the finished plan 

The finalised Walking and Cycling Action Plan was adopted in March 2022 and is now being used to support the rollout of active travel infrastructure and initiatives across the borough to 2032. A copy of the approved plan can be found here