Levenshulme Active Neighbourhood

We helped the local community, and Manchester City Council, develop proposals for the Levenshulme Active Neighbourhood. The proposals were developed over a period of two years and included a range of active travel and traffic management proposals, along with supporting infrastructure and a behaviour change programme.

developing the proposals with the community

The outline proposals for the Active Neighbourhood which were built on a series of strategic modal filter locations were developed in collaboration with the local community through a series of engagement events over a two-year period. Bespoke provided support to the project team including project management and governance, design development, and community engagement.

Further collaborative design was planned prior to the introduction of the proposed scheme using experimental traffic orders.  

an early release

However, before the temporary scheme could be finalised the Covid-19 pandemic struck the UK. In response and with the aim of provding more space for people and insulate the area from anticipated increase in car use the release of the proposal was brought forward. The scheme was introduced using temporary materials and Manchester City Council are working with the local community to develop a permanent scheme solution.