university college london 

Working with architects Hawkins Brown, Bespoke were commissioned by University College London to produce a cycle parking strategy for their Bloomsbury campus.

The development of the strategy involved a review of existing cycle parking demand, provision and condition.

The strategy had to provide solutions to planning requirements for additional cycle parking for future development of the campus.

University College London commissioned architects Hawkins Brown to produce a cycle parking strategy for the Bloomsbury Campus in central London. Bespoke were asked to provide cycle design expertise and guidance to the project team involved in the development and delivery of the strategy.

The cycle parking strategy needed to: 

  • Include baseline information of provision and usage 
  • Assess the condition and suitability of the provision 
  • Identify demand not being served by existing provision 
  • Develop plans for the future expansion of cycle parking provision

The strategy was then to be presented to Camden Council planning team as part of the masterplan for the development of the campus site. Adoption of the strategy was to bring the University up to date with its planning requirements, provide a higher quality cycle parking provision to existing students who cycle whilst future proofing cycle parking for high volumes of student cyclists expected in the future.   

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